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A Sister’s Love

By January 23, 2015 Blog, Inspiration

Jennifer LaFace from Pittsburgh, PA shows her moves as she dances to Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie”.  She’s dancing to inspire her sister who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer to “keep kicking cancer’s ass”.   What a great way to show support and encourage her sister to keep fighting!

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Doctor/Patient’s Dance In The O.R.

By April 11, 2014 Blog, Inspiration

We LOVE this video of OB/GYN Deborah Cohan and her surgical team dancing to Beyonce just before her double mastectomy. She recently appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and shared that she found her lump during a self-exam. Deborah wanted her surgical team to connect, have fun with her and be in a good mood prior to the surgery. “When you’re facing death it’s time to celebrate life.” says Cohan. She also says her truest self comes out when she’s dancing. We agree… dancing is our therapy too!

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